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Apple Reveals Their Marketing Secret

November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

silver-apple-logoIt’s one of the biggest and most successful brands in the world and now Apple has been forced to reveal the one thing it is notorious for hiding – its marketing secrets.

Business Insider reported today:

Apple no longer actually needs to do ANY advertising when it launches new products, marketing chief Phil Schiller testified Friday in the Apple v. Samsung patent trial in a San Jose, Calif., federal court.

Instead, the company relies on these two strategies:

  • Rely on the media to create buzz for its products through positive reviews.
  • Product placement in TV shows and movies.

The media is so reliably disposed to favour Apple’s products that when the iPhone was launched in 2007, the company didn’t do any advertising for a period, according to Bloomberg:

Schiller, discussing the iPhone, said Apple decided not to pay for any advertising during a brief period after the device was introduced in January 2007 and when it went on sale later in the year.

“We didn’t need to,” Schiller said. He read from several rave reviews of the iPhone and iPad, explaining that such stories did a better job than advertising to build buzz.

We’ve spoken about it on this blog before, but the importance of buzz really can’t be overlooked, especially when the industry leaders are doing it.

Just a thought!

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