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Boost Your PR & Marketing Effort with Social Media

November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

Social media is continuously growing for both brands and consumer alike. A lot of businesses know they should be on social media, but many of them totally miss the point of why they’re actually there in the first place.

Truth is, if you’re posting on your social media platforms just for the sake of posting on them, you’re doing it wrong. Your marketing strategy should expand to include social media platforms – but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t play as important a role as something more traditional like direct marketing or advertising.

That’s why we’ve pulled together these top tips for helping your social media soar – and avoid flat-lining your marketing efforts.

SpamTop Tip #1 – Avoid Becoming Spam

Ewww. Nobody likes Spam – even the online kind. If you’re posting continuously and generically to your social media followers, you might be verging on becoming spam yourself. Strategically avoid all the things that signal Spam in your social media posts – we’re talking exaggerations, overused phrases and excessive exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re sure-fire signs that people will ignore your messages completely and categorise them with other unloved lunch meat, like chicken in a can.

Top Tip #2 – Don’t Smother Your Followers with Posts

If you post on social media several times a day, every day, you’re running the risk that your


followers will totally overlook what you’re saying or worse still, opt out of following you altogether. There is nothing worse than scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed and seeing ‘news’ from the same person in every post. Post information on your social media platforms when it makes sense to do so (like posting a conversation-starter while people are stuck on public transport during peak hour, or posting about a great restaurant / food item / meal when it’s close to lunchtime). That way your followers will listen to your messages rather than tuning out altogether.

Top Tip #3 – Kick Generic Posts to the Curb

If you belong to the ‘I post because I can’ Club, this one is for you. Posting generic messages is naughty. They achieve nothing with your followers and although they can be great fillers early on, they soon become totally lame. Posting generic and uninteresting messages will eventually backfire on your goal to develop relationships and connections using social media – your followers want to feel like they’re part of something special by following you on social media. Save your posts for truly significant news and events, and those messages that are relevant to your marketing goals. Make your posts meaningful to the people reading them. Try thinking like your followers – when you write a post, think about it before you press send – Is there a point of interest for your followers to engage with? Write messages you’d want to read yourself if it appeared on your newsfeed.

Top Tip #4 – Add Plenty of Great Images

Today’s social media followers are visual creatures – many of them click on links with interesting photos and images are one of the most shared aspects of social media platforms. Take this one step further by engaging awesome photos to attract the attention of your followers, then offer them something worthwhile when they clock on the photo or follow the link. Your images should always be clear, appealing, worth sharing and relevant to what you’re trying to say.

Top Tip #5 – Be a Social Butterfly

The essence of utilising social media platforms in your marketing strategy is that they are interactive. You can gauge how your consumers, followers, or likers respond to your information and whether they’re willing to share it with others. To help achieve this, you need to embark on a little social butterfly-ing yourself – make your social networking platforms a place to talk about your business while also staying connected and involved with other relevant organisations and the public. Like, follow and share what other people have to say and create your own networks online and you will find that your business will thrive through all the relationships built between your business and others.

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