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Guest Blog: What Attracted Me to PR

January 22, 2014, by Ruby Blue


At Ruby Blue PR, we work with plenty of interns and students wanting to get into the world of PR. In this latest blog post, Ruby Blue PR intern Gillie lays down her reasons for being interested in PR – and where she wants to go from here.

I have never been able to settle with only one career aspiration. Nearing nine years out of school and I still dread the question, what do you want to be. A curse of gen Y, I need constant stimulation and want to do ten things at once. And this is what attracted me to PR. I love the prospect of working with a variety of clients and having a different task to work on each day, a normal week when interning with Ruby Blue PR. I want my career to be a natural flow through the PR industry, starting in not-for-profit with the potential to move into crisis management.

I have always had a passion for the not-for-profit industry. I am especially passionate about homelessness, and have a want to help others to help themselves. On my first day with Ruby Blue, Elise sat me down and asked, what is your dream job. Without hesitation I answered, to work for the Big Issue. The creation of John Bird and Gordon Roddick, the street newspaper empowers homeless and long-term disadvantaged individuals to help themselves. It is professionally written and sold to the vendors for a small fee who then make a profit from each newspaper sold on the street.

Although it is my dream job, I am excited to enjoy the journey to get there and what may be waiting after. I am conscience of my generational trait to jump between jobs, but have had some amazing experiences along the way. Throughout my job hoping, which I prefer to think of as experience broadening, I have studied online part time through Open Universities. This has given me the flexibly to jump at opportunities, such as working and living in the UK, that traditional uni would have hindered.

Interning with Ruby Blue PR has allowed me to gain valuable industry experience and insights from Elise, who has ample experience in the not-for-profit industry. I am confident PR will provide the varied challenge I am seeking, and that my determination will lead me to me dream job.

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