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The Irony of PR

November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

I love irony. I’m not talking about irony Alanis Morissette warbles about (which always seemed to be just a bit of bad luck to tell you the truth), but actual irony. Good ol’ Wikipedia tells us that irony typically implies a meaning in opposition to the literal meaning.

Blog1-WeLovePRWorking in PR, we get to experience the most wonderful irony of them all. In an industry all about building brand awareness and reputation, we’ve neglected to ‘PR’ the most important thing of all – PR itself.

When I tell people that I work in PR, the most common response is the assumption that I’m someone’s PA. All of my grandmother’s friends think my job involves fetching cups of tea and booking flights for my superiors.

On the occasion people do know what PR is, they smile smugly and look at me as though I’m going to fling off my underpants like Samantha in Sex and the City while sipping champagne Ab Fab style. “Oh,” said one friend. “I know about PR. You just go out for boozy lunches and fluff around with… stuff.”

Nothing quite grinds the gears of a PR professional than the idea that they deal with the ‘fluff.’ We work hard behind the scenes to help consumers make informed decisions about the purchases they make on a daily basis. In fact, we work so hard that they don’t even know we’re doing it.

The truth of the matter is (and you can thank one of my third year University Professors for this insight) that you can’t really define PR as one static thing. It changes on a revolving basis and is made up of so many different elements that it could never be black-and-white.

So why do businesses need PR? It’s not to make their ads or build their websites (although we’d love to be involved in the process to create synergy throughout every aspect of your business). It’s more about building your brand so that when people think of your product or service, they think of yours. Even better – they don’t just think of your brand, they think of it IN A POSITIVE WAY. They buy your products or services because they like the idea of them, or they need them, or they just want them. Good PR professionals create the want.

And we’ll keep our knickers on, thanks.

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