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Making Life Pin-teresting

November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

Blog4-Pinterest2Pinterest is the newest social media phenomenon to hit our desks and it seems that nobody I know is quite sure what to do with it.

The premise of Pinterest is that you ‘pin’ photos and images to your own virtual pinboard where your followers (and yourself) can view them. It’s a great visual feast as you look through images posted by others – you can even ‘pin’ them to your own board if you like them enough.

To be honest, Pinterest seemed to me at first to be an excuse to file pretty things on a page. You like that butterfly photo? Add it to your ‘Things I Like’ folder. Want to buy those shoes? Add them to your ‘Coveted’ folder.

Until I read this article. Marla Tabaka writes about why Pinterest should matter to you and your business – and how it fits into your marketing model. One brilliant example she gives is this one about a product known as the ‘Camiband’.

Pinterest has already proven itself as a powerful social media platform. Businesses are joining Pinterest to display product, create brand awareness, build communities and, in some cases, grow profits by leaps and bounds.

On December 5, 2011, Holly Xerri was enjoying lunch out with a friend. But a series of text messages from her husband eventually took Xerri’s attention away from her friend. “I will never forget it,” she says. “More and more orders were coming in through the website. I had to excuse myself from lunch to go see what was going on!”

Xerri is the inventor of a clothing accessory known as the Camiband. Only a few months earlier, a Camiband was worn on-air by Today Show’s Jill Martin, so naturally Xerri assumed that the influx of sales was a result of the Camiband’s morning-show debut. “I thought that the Today show was the biggest thing that could happen for my business,” she chuckled. “We had 3,500 hits when the Camiband was worn on the show. But I was wrong; it wasn’t the biggest thing that would happen for us!”

Xerri and her husband hadn’t heard of Pinterest at the time, but their analytics showed a heavy amount of traffic coming from southern states, where interest in Pinterest was spreading like wildfire. “Someone pinned one of my Camibands and it went viral,” Xerri says. “In 4 days I had about 40,000 hits on my website, all from this Pinterest.” It’s been more than three months since that memorable day and Camiband orders generated from Pinterest traffic have never stopped.”

Marla also gives us a few ideas on how to communicate with our customers and clients through Pinterest, including:


Find powerful images to enhance your blog articles and post them on Pinterest, linking back to the article. And don’t forget your call to action; we want to convert these new visitors!

If you have written a book, e-book, white paper, or report? Your cover images are a great pin!

Infographics are hot! Use images from your PowerPoint deck, marketing materials or website to pique the interest of your audience.

Lifestyle photographs really catch the eye of the beholder. Have you written an article using colorful metaphors to demonstrate your point? Locate an image of an animal, baby, beautiful vacation spot, or a scrumptious dessert to complete your metaphor and you have a winning pin!

Get your customers involved by asking them to submit images of themselves or something that relates to your business. A happy customer is an image that everyone will connect with.

Pin images of your employees at work or enjoying everyday life. Consumers love to connect to a company in this way.

Have pictures taken at your speaking events. A shot of you on stage in front of a captivated audience positions you as the expert that you are. (Be careful to not violate the privacy of audience members.)

pinterest-wedding-screen-shotPersonally, I’m currently learning how to use Pinterest from a personal level. I’m hot into planning mode for my wedding in September, so it has given me a great filing system to store images I like of dresses, invitations, bouquets, and honeymoon destinations. Perhaps it might be worth getting yourself comfortable with this social media platform before it REALLY takes off so you’re business is in front of the game when that happens. Trust us, it certainly won’t be long…

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