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PR Marketing

Want to drive your marketing campaign to increase sales? We excel at turning ideas into profits – from brand alignments to direct mail and strategic e-marketing campaigns.

Marketing is one of those words a lot of business owners shy away from. However it’s really about driving footfall to your business as a result of getting the word out about your brand. In other words, your marketing campaign should be almost directly aligned with sales. You should be able to see sales increase as a result of good marketing, and a drop when the marketing activity stops.

PR is often lumped under the Marketing umbrella, but at Ruby Blue PR we see them as two very different activities that work very closely together. Marketing is the collateral we can control in order to get your brand into the hands of your target audience.

We can work with you to target specific audience groups, add invaluable members to your database, reach out to new clientele, and most importantly turn your ideas into profits. That sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

By treating PR and Marketing separately, Ruby Blue PR is the perfect addition to your current marketing team. Why not complement the work they are already doing with a strong PR campaign? With strong experience working in a team environment, we can help your marketing team take a campaign further.

There is no PR Marketing umbrella here – get in touch with us today to have your campaign treat the two independent of each other.

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