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Social Media Management

Everyone’s online these days. Including us. And now including you. We can help you build a strong online community to get people blogging, tweeting and status-updating about your brand through social media PR .

It’s all over the news and everyone’s tweeting about it – online is the place to be. By including the online space in your communications strategy you can establish and build your online community. The aim of this is to encourage all of the consumers within that online community to become little foot-soldiers, spreading the word about your brand and business at a grass-roots level.

It all comes down to the way consumers like to shop. In the past few years the way consumers do business has changed – they research online to find the best product before committing themselves to purchasing items. They consider the way they feel about your brand’s website, the information you provide, and the status updates you post. These considerations help them make up their minds on where to spend their hard-earned dollars.

Ruby Blue PR can help your brand be there when your target market begin their research. We can form and maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts, become involved in blog feedback and forums, and even compose your blog. We can provide an analysis of your website and make suggestions on how to make it work better for you. We can even work with your IT and website folk to make it happen.

Although we’re not simply a Social Media Agency, Social Media PR  is one of our areas of expertise, so if you can hear the keyboard tap-tap-tapping in the background, send us an email. Or a tweet. Or get in touch on Facebook.

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