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November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

There are so many things to consider when you embark on a PR campaign. While media coverage and brand awareness are crucial to ensuring your campaign is a success, there are other factors which need to weigh in to the PR mix. We like to call this social media PR (someone else may have already coined the term, but hot diggity, we’ll use it.)

Social media PR encompasses many of elements that create your business’ online ‘persona’ and to be honest, creating and maintaining this can take up a lot of your time. There are blog posts to create, Facebook and Twitter pages to update, SEO key words to consider for your Google ranking, as well as ensuring your website text and layout is turning visits into sales.

The key to social media PR is to realise that the landscape has changed. Businesses can no longer just ‘tell’ their customers about their goods and services – they have to partake in an interactive conversation about it. Customers have never had so much input into brands and businesses – they can praise your staff on Facebook, vent their frustrations on review sites, network with you via LinkedIn, and ask questions on your blogs.

As it happens, Ruby Blue PR loves us some social media PR. We’ve helped clients create social media sites, build online communities, expand their personal networks to improve sales, and revamp their websites so that they totally kick butt. We can approach social media PR as part of an overall PR campaign, or offer it as a separate service to complement your existing PR and marketing strategy.

For example, Power Plate Australia had a few hurdles with consumers understanding the product. You run on a treadmill and pedal on a spin bike – but what do you do on a Power Plate machine? Taking stock of the lack of education, Ruby Blue PR put together a few videos which answered some the questions people were asking about Power Plate equipment, explained simply and effectively by one of their Power Plate Master Trainers, Clare.

Not only did the videos provide a great educational tool for those doing their Google research on Power Plate equipment, but it also became an additional resource the sales team could send customers to in order to answer some of their questions.

Another example is in the case of Lara O’Donnell Design and the social media PR strategy we put together to not only bring more ‘Likes’ to the Facebook page, but also engage those members so that they could ask questions, weigh in on design and renovation trends, and feel a strong connection to the Lara O’Donnell Design brand.

Lara O'Donnell design FB


The result? A captured audience who think renovation and then think Lara O’Donnell Design. A word-of-mouth marketing system that works at ground level and gets the results.

Ruby Blue PR offers:

  • Social Media Strategy
    Need to set up a social media outlet or just wondering which platforms your business needs? While some businesses get great a great response from Facebook, others get most of their sales leads from LinkedIn. Some businesses benefit from video blogs and a YouTube channel.  We can advise which platforms will suit your business objectives, then compose a strategy for the online space – combining your website, social media outlets, and SEO.
  • Social Media Management
    If the thought of updating Facebook leaves you searching for a fork to poke into your eyes, we can take the cutlery off your hands. Ruby Blue PR puts together your social media updates and content on a monthly basis and ensures that each update gets you one step closer to achieving your business goals.
  • Social Media Outreach
    There are many arms you can utilise to reach your target audience within the online space. Ruby Blue PR can help you build your own online community that values your opinion and wants to buy from someone with a reputation like yours.

If Social Media PR is something you’d like to discuss further, give us a bell on 0423 344 836. Or you could Facebook us. Or tweet us. Or LinkedIn us. (Yes, we’re everywhere). Otherwise an email will do –

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