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Sponsorship Management

We can work to align your brand with others that help to build your profile, creating positive relationships with like-minded brands. This can help to build the reputation of your business and your success in reaching your market (or expanding it).

One great approach to PR success is to build your business by setting up strategic alliances with like-minded brands. After all, two voices are louder than one.

We’ve got the contacts and the means to set up alliances with key influencers, and we can also pave the way for friendships with other great companies that believe in the same things you do. At Ruby Blue PR, we’ll be your people. We’ll talk to their people.

Partnering with these brands and groups can help you reach your target market with new information and can also assist in expanding your market to include theirs.

This can also be achieved by sponsoring events or projects. Whether you are looking to take on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and support a charity organisation, sponsor the Under 7s soccer team at the local primary school, or partner with an up-and-coming designer at Fashion Week, we can connect your business to the right people.

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