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To the Twitterverse and Beyond

November 18, 2013, by Ruby Blue

Twitter-LogoTwitter is an interesting kettle of fish. I get asked by people all the time what all the fuss is about, why should they have one, isn’t it just another version of facebook? Well in my book, the Twitter hassle is warranted, especially for businesses.

Now let’s get one thing straight – I didn’t join Twitter to learn about Ashton Kutcher’s marriage, Charlie Sheen’s mental instability or Justin Bieber’s fan base. At first I just joined to see what all the fuss was about. And to be truthful, at first I did think it was just a shortened version of Facebook where people post their ‘status updates’ and other people ‘RT’ them.

People also used the ‘@’ symbol a lot.

However as I gradually joined the conversation (and learnt what ‘RT’ and ‘@’ meant) I realised that there is more to the Twitterverse than lies on the surface. With a personal interest in feng shui (don’t give up on me yet), I ended up following a Sydney-based feng shui expert who specialised in corporate environments. We tweeted and re-tweeted (RT) each other until I realised that she might actually make a pretty cool client. Her service was unique, interesting, and a little bit unusual. So I DM’d her (Direct Message, just to keep you in the loop) and we had a really positive meeting about where PR could take her business.

Although she didn’t come on as a client with the agency I was working for, it was a great wake-up call that Twitter can actually result in something other than a complete waste of time.

A few years later I saw that a major skincare company that I followed had won an award. The award was pretty highly regarded, so I tweeted a congratulations their way. They responded. A flurry of tweets (a twitter?) went back and forth for a few weeks until I asked who I could email with a business proposal. They responded straight away.

From contacting this company on twitter, the partnership between Power Plate Australia and Dermalogica skincare was born. We held events together, gave gifts to clients, gained media coverage about the partnership and built a long lasting relationship that never would have been achieved through ‘conventional’ means.

When considering Twitter for your business, I would always recommend it. Being online is all about building an interactive community around your business, and Twitter is a great vessel for doing that.

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